O’Leary’s Girls Teams

O’Leary’s Pre-Team Program is designed for gymnasts that demonstrate strength, flexibility and focus – all main building blocks of the sport- at a young age. These gymnasts are being prepared for Compulsory Level 3.

O’Leary’s Compulsory Program Levels 3 – 5 performs routines in which the elements are pre-determined by an organization such as USAG or FIG. All gymnasts competing compulsory routines must perform specified skills in a specified order.

  • Level 3 is a developmental level where the gymnasts focus on individual growth and progress. They attend 5 – 6 competitions per season at introductory level and train 9 hours per week. All gymnasts learn and compete the same routine on each event.
  • Level 4 & 5 are more competitive compulsory levels that must attain mobility scores and qualification scores at certain meets to move up levels and attend sectional and state meets. The gymnasts attend 6 – 8 competitions per season and train 12 hours a week.

O’Leary’s Optional Program Optional Level 6 – 10 perform routines in which the gymnasts may perform skills of their choosing under the constraints of special requirements. These skills can be performed in any order but must fit the requirements as specified in the FIG code of points. Compulsory routines have been eliminated from higher level gymnastics competitions to allow for more time to develop optional routines.

Mobility scores and qualification scores must be met in these levels as well with the potential to qualify for States (level 6), Regional’s (level 7 – 8), Eastern (level 9) and Nationals (level 10).

Level 6 – 7 are Introductory Optional levels where as Level 8 – 10 are expected to go above and beyond their minimum requirements as “composition” is taken in to consideration at these upper level. They attend 6 – 8 competitions per season and train; (Level 6)  12 hours per week and (Level 7) 10 – 15 hours per week.

O’Leary’s Xcel Program is a great option for gymnasts that like to train and compete in USA Gymnastics with a less rigorous/intense training schedule. These gymnasts still have the ability to progress and move up levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond). The Xcel program is a great option for gymnasts who want to participate in gymnastics at the competitive level, but also want to be involved in other sports/activities since they only train 6 – 9 hours a week.

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